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How to Perform a Drivers License Change of Address in Utah

State motorists may wonder when a Utah drivers license change of address is needed, and that is a very valid question. Equally important to knowing the steps they must take to complete a DMV address change are the consequences they could face should they fail to update their address with the Utah DMV. While it may not seem important, failing to submit a DMV change of address may lead to further penalties. When submitting a driver’s license change of address, applicants must pay the cost of a new license. Learn more on how to change drivers license address in Utah to maintain valid credentials.

Instances Where a Utah DMV Address Change is Required

State law requires residents to change address on drivers license credentials each time they change residencies within Utah. This includes drivers that are coming from another state and have chosen to relocate in the state of Utah. One important reason changing drivers license address details is that state mail is not forwarded by a local Utah post office. Changing a drivers license address in Utah is both simple and quick and there are two ways residents can go about it. When researching how to change drivers license address details, residents will find that they can do so online via the state’s Driver License Division (DLD), also known as the DMV, website or in person at a local office.

Knowing When to Change a Driver’s License Address in Utah

In Utah, drivers must submit a drivers license change of address request within 10 days of their move, including if they have just moved in from out of state. Performing a DLD address change will ensure that records and licenses are kept up to date. It also ensures that motorists avoid any penalties or loss of important mail.

Penalties for Not Changing Drivers License Address in Utah

As mentioned above, your local Utah post office does not forward state mail. The primary reason you should request a drivers license change of address is to ensure that you receive mail from the state, such as renewal notices or sanctions placed on your license. Not only does changing your driver license address ensure that you will receive such letters, but since it is required by law, penalties could be enforced should you be stopped by a law enforcement officer.

How to Complete a Utah DMV Change of Address Online

Changing your drivers license address is a simple and quick process, especially when you submit your request online. While you will not be able to change your name or any license restrictions by using the online form, changing your address using the online method will only require a few details from you. When submitting a drivers license change of address, you will need to include your legal name, drivers license number, the date your Utah drivers license was issued and the last four numbers of your Social Security Number. However, there is a check box available if you do not have a Social Security Number.

Unfortunately, those new to the state of Utah will not be eligible to change a drivers license address online, as they will be required to visit a local Utah DMV office in order to complete their drivers license application and any additional testing that may be required of them.

How to Change Address on Utah Drivers License in Person

If residents are wondering where to change drivers license address details in person when the online option is not available to them, then they should know that they must visit a local DLD office. Luckily, submitting a drivers license change of address request at the local DMV is just as easy as requesting a DMV change of address online. There is no need to schedule an appointment with the DLD and any local office will be able to assist residents in updating their mailing address information. When reporting a DMV address change in person, drivers must make sure to bring two pieces of mail that provide proof of their residence. These pieces of mail should include both their legal names and addresses. It is important to know that the Utah DMV will only accept original pieces of mail and will not accept any photocopied or faxed proof of residence documentation. Additionally, all required documentation for a UT driving license address update must be in English for the DLD to accept them.

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