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How to Perform a Drivers License Name Change in Utah

Motorists may wish to submit a drivers license name change in Utah for a number of reasons, but before completing a DMV name change, drivers are required to legally change their name through the Social Security Administration (SSA). Understanding how to change name on driving license credentials can be invaluable and save motorists time and hassle. Looking more closely at changing name on a drivers license credentials in Utah, including the steps applicants must first take and instances when they should complete the process, can help motorists finish the task and keep accurate state credentials.

Instances When You Should Complete a Name Change on Drivers License in Utah

A change of name on driving license credentials is an important step that many motorists choose to take after they have changed their legal name. Utah drivers may be interested in changing names on driving license cards if they change their legal name after a marriage, divorce or adoption. Changing a name on a driving license may also be desired for patients who undergo gender reassignment and wish to change their legal name. Drivers may request a DMV name change sometimes just because they prefer a different name.

Consequences of Not Changing Your Name on Driving License in Utah

Utah does not require its citizens to change a name on a driving license within any given time and there is not a penalty provided for failing to submit a name change. Ultimately, requesting a drivers license name change in Utah is left up to the preference of drivers. While not required, state residents may still desire to update their name, as a Utah drivers license is a common proof of identification in a variety of situations.

Before a Utah DLD Name Change Perform a Social Security Administration Name Change

If you would like to change your name on a driving license in UT, then there are steps that you will need to take prior to submitting a name change request with your local DMV. You will not be able to perform a DMV name change until you have successfully changed your name through the Social Security Administration (SSA). In order to legally change your name in Utah, you must have a divorce decree, marriage certificate or a court order. Once you have that documentation, you may submit a name change request with the SSA. Along with those documents and an application, the administration will require that you submit proof of age, proof of identity and proof of United States citizenship or lawful status. These steps are mandatory if you wish to change the name on a driving license in Utah and you will not be able to complete your DMV name change if you have not.

It is also important to note that court-ordered name changes come with their own prerequisites. For instance, to request a change of name before a driver license name change, you must have lived in a county in Utah for a minimum of one year before filing the request. Alternatively, wanting to avoid criminal charges does not qualify as a valid reason for requesting a name change. Your name change on a drivers license will also not be processed if you requested a change of name to something bizarre, too long or offensive.

How to Change Name on Drivers License in Utah at the DMV

Unfortunately, Utah drivers license name change requests cannot be submitted online or by mail. A DMV name change must be submitted in person at one of your local DMV sites. In order to complete a change of name on driving license request, there is documentation that the office will require you to bring with you to your scheduled appointment or walk-in visit. Along with your new Social Security card that has had your name amended, you will also need to provide the DMV with a court document that indicates the name change, a state marriage certificate, divorce decree or adoption papers that display your new name. You will also be expected to provide two pieces of mail that give proof of your address. The DMV name change application will be similar to the application that you filed when you first applied for a Utah drivers license. Additionally, because your Utah drivers license name change request will require you to receive a new state driver’s license, you will be expected to pay a fee for the new license. Remember, all documentation submitted for a DMV name change must be original and no photocopied or faxed copies will be accepted by the office.

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