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How to Get a New Drivers License in Utah

Having a Utah drivers license is as much a privilege as it is a responsibility, and it is important to understand the steps that must be taken as well as the requirements you will need to meet in order to obtain one. Many young motorists may wonder how to get a drivers license in the state, as well as drivers who are new to Utah. That is a valid question and fortunately Utah has provided clear steps on their drivers license services, including their application process, requirements, cost and restrictions. Learn more about Utah driver license services to get started on the process and gain driving privileges.

Eligibility Requirements for a Utah Driver’s License

A Utah driver license is only available for applicants who are at least 16 years of age. Applicants who are minors at the time of their application will need a parent or legal guardian to accompany them who can sign for financial responsibility. Additionally, minors are required to first go through the learners permit process and hold their permit for a minimum of six months, unless they turn 18 within that six-month period. Having a Utah drivers license is an incredible privilege and responsibility, and the state wants to ensure that every applicant can operate a motor vehicle safely. Drivers license applicants who are 18 years of age or younger are required to complete a driver education course prior to receiving their credentials. Applicants can complete drivers education at local high schools or through a Commercial Driver Education School. Such programs contain a variety of course material, including classroom instruction, behind-the-wheel instruction and home study course materials. Fortunately, out-of-state driver’s education completion certificates are acceptable in Utah, as long as the driving education meets state-required hours and course material.

In order to obtain a driver’s license, prospective drivers who are 19 years of age or older and have never been issued a credential will have to either complete a driver’s education course or carry a learner’s permit for a minimum 90-day period. This includes residents who have never had a drivers license issued in another state and recently moved to Utah. Additionally, applicants are required to complete the online Traffic Safety and Trends exam if they do not submit proof of drivers ed completion. Those who choose to carry a learner permit must meet all learners permit completion requirements, including 40 hours of practice (10 of those hours after sundown) driving with a licensed parent, legal guardian or licensed driver who is 21 years or older.

A new drivers license is also available to new Utah residents that have already previously obtained a credential in another state. To get a UT DMV drivers license, they must surrender their previous credential and complete the application steps. Residents who carry another state’s driving license are not required to attend a drivers education course or carry a learners permit.

While you may not obtain your first drivers license online, you can get one at your local Utah DMV locations. Walk-ins are accepted, but it is recommended that you schedule an appointment to save time.

Utah Drivers License Application Required Documents

When getting drivers license credentials, you will be required to submit documentation along with your completed application. Utah drivers license applications can be obtained and completed at your local DMV or you can complete your application online beforehand to save time. The documentation that you will need to bring with you to the DMV office is as follows:

  • One document that provides proof of identity and lawful status, including passports, birth certificates, certificates of citizenship and permanent resident cards
  • Two pieces of mail that provide proof of residency
  • Social Security card
  • Proof of driving experience, such as a drivers education certificate
  • The drivers license cost, payable by cash, check, money order or credit card

To get drivers license credentials, applicants must provide the original copies of all required documentation, as any faxed or photocopied documents will not be accepted with an application. A certified translation must also accompany all non-English documentation.

Note: New Utah residents who have a drivers license that has been issued in another state do not need a driver’s education certificate.

The Utah Driver’s License Application Process

It is important for prospective Utah drivers license holders to understand what is expected of them to obtain their licenses. Understanding how to apply for a drivers license can make the process far easier for prospective motorists.To successfully apply for drivers license credentials, registrants will need to complete a series of steps once they have met the basic eligibility requirements and have submitted all of their documentation.

Before you can receive a Utah drivers license, you will be required to complete an application along with a medical questionnaire. From there, you will need to pass an eye exam and achieve a minimum of 20/40 vision in at least one eye with a peripheral field of at least 120 degrees. The vision exam can be completed with or without corrective lenses. Utah driver license applicants will then be required to complete the written exam (or knowledge test). This test will go over traffic laws and motor safety questions, the information of which is provided within the Utah driver handbook. Finally, you will need to complete a driving test that will require you to demonstrate your driving ability with an examiner present.

Applicants who are seeking a driving license that are new to Utah and have a license that has been issued from another state may or may not be required to complete the knowledge and driving test exams. That decision will ultimately be up to the Utah DMVs discretion.

Utah DMV Driver’s License Restrictions

Once you have obtained your Utah drivers license, there is some additional drivers license information and restrictions that you should know. If you are a under 18 years of age, then you will not be permitted to operate a motor vehicle between the hours of 12 a.m. and 5 a.m., unless you are accompanied by a licensed driver who is at least 21 years of age, you are operating a motor vehicle to reach your employment or school, you are driving for work on a farm or ranch, or in the case of an emergency.

Additionally, Utah drivers license holders who are currently minors may not transport passengers who are not immediate family members for six months from the date their license is issued or until they reach the age of 18, whichever happens first. Furthermore, drivers may not legally operate a motorcycle vehicle or a vehicle that would require a CDL license until they have completed the associated testing and requirements for that type of license.

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