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How to Renew a Drivers License in Utah

A Utah drivers license renewal is required in order to continue to legally operate a motor vehicle beyond a drivers license expiration date. Knowing the process of renewing drivers license cars is just as vital as knowing how to obtain your license in the first place. Ignoring the obligation of renewing your drivers license will lead to an expired drivers license, which can lead to further penalties and consequences. To learn more about how to renew drivers license credentials including the requirements for a drivers license renewal and what will happen if you do not renew — review the sections provided.

Utah Drivers License Renewal Requirements

Utah drivers must complete the drivers license renewal process every five years as state drivers licenses expire on the holder’s birthday during that fifth year. Furthermore, applicants will be given the opportunity to renew drivers licenses up to six months in advance, unless they face qualify for specific circumstances that will determine their eligibility to renew sooner.

Your drivers license renewal fee will be due at the start of the process and is payable by check, cash, money order or credit cards at your local DMV office or by credit or debit card online. In addition to the drivers license renewal fee, there will be documentation that you must provide. For starters, you will be required to surrender your current drivers license, complete a DMV license renewal application, complete a medical questionnaire and two documents that contain proof of address if your address has changed. If you have changed your legal name from what is on your current drivers license, you will also be required to submit the proof of that name change. You can renew your drivers license with your new name by providing court documents that indicate a name change, a certified state marriage certificate or a divorce degree.

Utah drivers who are 65 years of age or older will be required to pass a vision examination upon every renewing drivers licenses, however anyone may be asked to complete a vision test with their application. Lastly, any drivers license renewal applicants who visit their local DMV for their renewal will be required to have a new photo taken for their new drivers license.

Once you renew drivers license credentials, you will receive a temporary license that you can use until you receive your official drivers license by mail within six to eight weeks. Utah driver license renewals may not be completed by mail or by phone as is the case in a handful of other states.

The Consequences of Failing to Renew a Drivers License in Utah

It is vital that you go through the drivers license renewal process via one of the appropriate renewal options discussed below. As stated above, DMV license renewals are due by your birthday on the fifth year of having a drivers license. Should you fail to renew your drivers license, you will no longer to be able to operate a motor vehicle legally. Your drivers license will become expired and should you drive without renewing it, you could face serious penalties such as traffic fines, demerit points added to your driving record, and even potential arrest.

Additionally, having an expired drivers license for more than six months will require you to complete extra steps in order to renew drivers license privileges, including having to retake a motor vehicle knowledge test prior to the completion of your renewal. Similar to the knowledge test that you took when you first received your Utah drivers license, this knowledge test is an open book, 25-question test that will need to be successfully passed in order to be eligible for renewal.

Utah Drivers License Renewal Online

Many residents may be wondering, “Can you renew a license online?” and the answer is usually yes. When available, an online drivers license renewal is by far the fastest and most convenient way to update your credential. If you are eligible for a UT online drivers license renewal, you will receive a letter by mail that indicates so. Renewing your drivers license will require your legal name, drivers license number, issue date and pin number.

Once you renew your drivers license online, you will be provided with the opportunity to print out a temporary drivers license that you can use until you receive your full-fledged drivers license by mail.

Renewing a Utah Drivers License in Person

Those who are ineligible for online drivers license renewal in UT will need to complete their renewal in person at a local DMV. Renewing drivers licenses is a process that can be scheduled in order to save you time, but is not necessary. In-person drivers license renewal applicants must pass an eye exam and take a new photo for their new drivers license.

Unless you have been carrying an expired drivers license, have had your license suspended or revoked, or have received more than four citations in the last five years — you will not need to take another knowledge exam. After completing your Utah DMV license renewal, you will be given a temporary license that you can use until you receive your new drivers license.

Drivers License Renewals in Utah for Military Personnel

There are a few drivers license renewal exceptions when it comes to active United States military personnel and their immediate family members that are stationed outside of the state. During the time period that you are stationed outside of the state, your drivers license will remain valid until 90 days after you have been discharged, unless it has been suspended, denied, canceled or disqualified for another reason during that period of time. You can renew a drivers license once you have returned to Utah within that 90-day period without having to worry about an expired drivers license. From here, you would simply follow the steps outlined above online drivers license renewals or renewals that are made in person at your local DMV.

If you wish to add a veterans indicator when renewing Utah drivers licenses, there are a few eligibility requirements that you will need to meet. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age to apply a veteran indicator to a drivers license and at least 18 years of age to have it added to a state identification card. Finally, you will need to provide proof of your veteran status such as with a DD214 form or a record or notice of separation from the United States military.

How to Renew a Utah Drivers License While Out of State

The simplest way for an out-of-state resident to renew a drivers license in UT is through online drivers license renewal process, however if that option is not readily available, then there is an additional method to renewing your drivers license.

Remember, drivers license renewals are possible up to six months prior to your expiration date, but if you will not be able to return at all during that time period, you may be able to provide Utah DMV customer service with proof of your absence from the state. If approved, you will be eligible for a drivers license renewal prior to that six-month period.

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