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How to Replace a Drivers License in Utah

While motorists may not wish to have to know how to replace drivers license in Utah, understanding the process can save them a lot of time and hassle. With a bit of know-how, replacing a lost drivers license can be easier than one might think. Equally important is knowing why you should report the loss to the police. To learn more about replacing drivers license cards including the documents required for a replacement drivers license, how and when you should replace a lost license and the importance of filing a police report in order to safeguard against identity theft, review the sections provided below.

Documentation Required to Replace Lost Drivers License in Utah

When seeking a replacement drivers license, it is important to understand what documentation will be required of you before the replacement can be issued. This documentation includes the following:

  • Proof of United States citizenship or lawful status. This can be done with a United States passport, birth certificate or permanent resident card.
  • Social Security verification such as your Social Security card or a letter from the Social Security Administration.
  • Two pieces of mail that showcase a proof of residence. Must include both your name and address.
  • Name changes must be accompanied by documentation such as a divorce decree, adoption papers, certified state marriage certificate or a court document that indicates the name change.
  • The appropriate drivers license replacement fees.

In order to receive a drivers license replacement, you must provide all of your original documents as the DMV will not accept photocopied or faxed copies of the required documentation. Documents required for a DMV duplicate license must also be in English, or be accompanied by a certified translated copy.

Additionally, if you have just moved to the state and have not yet obtained a drivers license, in addition to the documentation stated above, the Driver License Division will first need to verify your previous drivers license. This process could take up to 24 hours. Even in the case of a lost drivers license, you may be required to pass a written test. Unfortunately, there is no way to receive a duplicate drivers license if Utah is not your state of residence, and you will need to contact the DMV in the state you live in.

When You Should Replace a Lost Drivers License in Utah

Should you ever need a replacement drivers license, it is recommended that you obtain one right away. Without a valid drivers license, you will not be permitted to operate a motor vehicle. Not only that, but a drivers license is what you generally might use as identification. Once you are certain that you have a misplaced or lost drivers license, you should seek a replacement.

It is recommended that you update drivers license credentials if you have recently undergone a name change or have changed your home residence. Updating drivers license in Utah can be crucial, though only the change in residence is required by the state. If you already need to replace a lost drivers license, now would be the perfect time to provide the DMV with an update. This will help you to avoid paying a replacement drivers license fee twice.

Obtaining a DMV Duplicate license in Utah

You may be wondering, “Where can I get a copy of my drivers license?” and this is a valid question that many motorists find themselves asking. A copy of drivers license cannot be obtained online or by mail, and motorists must instead visit one of their local Utah DMVs in order to request a replacement.

You have the choice of scheduling an appointment with the DMV in order to save time, or you can simply make a walk in visit. When replacing a lost drivers license in UT, you will be required to complete an additional drivers license application and a medical questionnaire. Replacement drivers licenses will also require you to pass another eye exam and have a new drivers license photo taken.

When you request a drivers license replacement, you will receive a card that still has the same expiration date as your previous one, unless you are already within six months of your expiration date. Rather than simply replacing drivers licenses, consider renewing your drivers license if you are eligible. This will save you both the time spent returning to a DMV office and from having to pay for a drivers license twice.

After you have satisfied all of the steps and requirements of replacing a drivers license, the DMV will issue you a temporary license on the same day as your visit. You can expect to receive your full-fledged Utah drivers license by mail within six to eight weeks.

The Importance of Filing a Police Report for a Lost Utah Drivers License

While requesting a drivers license replacement is important, reporting the one that you lost is equally invaluable. A drivers license is a crucial form of identification, and a lost drivers license could put you at risk for identity theft-related crimes. Reporting a lost driving license could save you from future problems, providing you with a paper trail in the event of fraudulent activity. Not only that, but if a perpetrator is pulled over using your license, they are more likely to be caught and their traffic violation would not go against your own personal driving record.

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