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Utah Drivers Education

Utah drivers ed is a requirement for drivers who have not yet taken the drivers license test. Driving classes and driver ed obligations are typically fulfilled when students are in high school as early as 15 years of age. Driving lessons are offered in high schools and are endorsed by the Utah Driver License Division (DLD) to meet the conditions of driver license permissions. However, some teens meet the driving course requirement with third-party programs. Drivers ed specifications for completion and details regarding the options available for teens seeking to meet these requirements are detailed in the sections below.

What is Utah drivers ed?

Utah drivers ed begins in high school for drivers who attend school within the state. Drivers education is offered at all high schools in the state. When driving lessons are not completed in high school, applicants who wish to obtain a drivers license must participate in an acceptable equivalent if they are 19 years of age or younger (19 year olds may opt out of driver ed if they have held a Utah learner’s permit for 90 days). Driving classes offered by third-party, private companies are an acceptable alternative. Alternatively, an online driving course is another option for first time driving school students looking to obtain their drivers license. Driving classes offered online and home study programs are acceptable under state law, as long as the program is certified by the Utah DLD.

In a driver safety course, teens learn about important driving topics like basic driving strategies, the importance of obeying traffic laws and the risks and consequences of distracted driving. Also covered in teen driving school are aggressive driving and driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, among other dangers of driving. Ultimately, a UT driving safety course aims to educate drivers with the knowledge, skills and attitudes optimal for a safe driving environment. Drivers ed benefits all parties involved including the driver, passengers and other motorists on the road.

Why do you need drivers education in Utah?

First time driving school students are required to complete driving safety education in order to receive a drivers license. Driving lessons in UT must include a certain amount of instruction, measured in hours. A driving safety course is complete and a drivers license is issued only after the criteria below is met, in addition to passing the driving exam.

  • Utah approved online or home study course – 30 hours
  • High school classroom instruction – 27 hours (or) commercial or private school – 18 hours
  • Behind-the-wheel instruction – 6 hours
  • Observation – 6 hours

A teen driving course is required by the Utah DMV if an applicant is 17 years of age or younger (along with a learner’s permit period of at least six months) to receive a drivers license. Teen driving school is also required for drivers 18 years of age to obtain a Utah drivers license, but they are not required to hold a learner’s permit for any required amount of time. If the drivers ed requirement was not met during high school class time, driving classes offered by a third-party driving school will suffice. Additionally, students can attend an approved UT drivers education school to complete or make up missing hours (note that not all states require observation time, but it must be completed in Utah).

Drivers ed students who have recently moved to the state can use an out-of-state learner’s permit to count towards their six-month required permit period. However, driving classes certificates from online or home study programs offered outside the state of Utah will not be acceptable for meeting drivers license requirements. Also, online certificates obtained from driver education programs not on the approved list will be rejected. Only completion certificates from accepted institutions will be compliant and must be presented on letter head with the Utah state seal of approval. Regardless, when you enroll in an approved online or home study course, all progress and course information will be automatically submitted to the state and saved to your driving record.

How to Enroll in Utah Drivers Ed

If Utah driving classes are not taken in high school, they can be taken from a privately owned, third-party company that is accredited by the state. To enroll in a driver safety course, online driving course or home study drivers education program, select a third-party instruction site from the list of acceptable providers given by the Utah Driver License Division. Both first time driving school applicants and those needing to complete one or more of drivers ed requirements are eligible. Note that driving courses offered online, though legitimate, are not always approved by the Utah DLD to meet driver education requirements.

Utah teen driving school is available to high school students at the school they attend, but enrollment in the class is not automatic. In order to enroll in a teen driving course offered by your student’s high school, contact its drivers ed instructor to request placement in the class. When enrolling in a commercial drivers education school, each private company or school has its own enrolment procedure. Once you select the third-party program you would like to attend, check their website or call to find out how to proceed with enrolment. Make sure to determine what you need to submit in order to successfully register with a specific school.

Behind the Wheel Driving Course Requirements in Utah

Certified driving lessons taken online or via an approved home study program provided by a third-party do not include the six-hour requirement for behind the wheel driving experience or the six-hour observation driver license obligation. These specific Utah driving class requirements can be fulfilled at any high school or commercial driver education school. In other words, online driving courses and home study drivers education programs must be supplemented by behind-the-wheel driving overseen by a credible institution (approved by UT DLD) in order to fulfill behind the wheel requirements and observation hour requirements and ultimately, gain driving privileges.

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