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Homeowners Insurance in Utah

Although homeowners insurance in Utah is not required by state law, there are many benefits to having a policy to protect your home. Homeowner’s insurance protects your primary residence and secondary structures, as well as personal belongings. Policies may also contain support for certain temporary living expenses and some medical costs. If you are seeking cheap homeowners insurance, then you can choose from many companies that offer basic plans. However, you may feel more secure purchasing extensive coverage for your property. No matter what your needs and budget are, it is wise to compare homeowners quotes from several insurance agents. You can get homeowners insurances quotes online here. To learn more about UT homeowners insurance coverage, including how much it costs, continue reading the sections below.

Utah Homeowner Insurance Requirements

Home and property insurance is necessary if you are seeking a loan through a lending institution, even though it is not a requirement under state law, as your lending institution will demand often demand it. The bank may even have certain stipulations when it comes to your policy and your loan officer will discuss those with you. To meet this requirement, Utah homeowners insurance companies make a variety of policies available to residents. For example, you will have to choose whether your homeowners policy insures your home for replacement cost or actual cash value. It is important to insure your home for at least 80 percent of its replacement value. You can get homeowners insurance quotes here.

What does Utah homeowners insurance cover?

If disaster strikes, you will want your Utah homeowners insurance to provide the protection and support you need. Homeowners insurance policies in UT offer the following primary coverages:

  • Building coverage for your home, garage and other structures
  • Protection for your home’s contents and personal belongings
  • Reimbursement for temporary living expenses if you are displaced from your house while it is repaired after a covered damage
  • Personal liability insurance that protects you against a lawsuit alleging that you caused bodily injury to someone or damaged his or her property
  • Medical payments to others

Most Utah homeowner’s insurance also covers losses due to theft or burglary, severe storms and fire. Damages caused by catastrophic events like floods, earthquakes and mudslides are not covered under standard coverage. If your home’s location is prone to these disasters, then talk to your agent about separate policies. Find homeowner’s insurance quotes here.

Utah Homeowners Insurance Costs

The prices for homeowners insurance in Utah vary depending your coverage level, deductibles and unique features of your home. The state of Utah has many cheaper homeowners insurance options that can fit most budgets. Some factors that help determine home and property insurance rates are your credit score and claim history, the age and condition of the home, construction materials used to build the house and the distance from the home to a fire department or water source. Additionally, a UT homeowners insurance company may offer discounts for the use of dead-bolt locks, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and sprinkler and security systems. Since homeowners insurance coverage is customized to each owner, it is wise to shop around and compare homeowners quotes before purchasing a plan. You can get homeowners insurance quotes here.

How to Compare Homeowner’s Insurance Quotes in Utah

Prior to selecting homeowners insurance coverage in UT, it is crucial to compare quotes from trustworthy insurances companies. In order to get a quote, you will have to supply the following information to the home and property insurance company:

  • Your personal information, including name, address, phone number and birth date
  • Description of your home, such as year built, square footage, number of stories and interior and exterior details
  • Household information, like how many occupants will live in the home and whether you have pets
  • List of valuables in the home

Your homeowner insurance agent will also ask about recent home updates, such as those to the roof or the electrical system. Such improvements may qualify you for discounts, in turn reducing your quote.

Furthermore, many Utah homeowners insurance companies provide quotes online if you supply the same information mentioned above. This can be a convenient way to compare homeowners costs, as long as the company is licensed to do business in Utah. Conducting your research this way also gives you easy access to reviews and complaints from others who have purchased an insurance policy for their home in Utah. It is beneficial to participate in this step if you want to find the most suitable homeowners insurance.

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