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Recreational Vehicle Insurance in Utah

Utah recreational vehicle insurance is required for residents who drive a motorhome. An RV is a large investment, so you should have the right coverage to protect the vehicle, its belongings and even the campsites you visit. You may be able to purchase UT RV insurance through your auto insurance agent as a motorhome owner and operator. However, specialized recreational vehicle coverage may be more suitable, depending on how you will use your RV and where you will travel with it. In addition, to find the best RV insurance policy, you need to understand the recreational vehicle classes and which one describes your motorhome, because these factors affect the cost of your policy. Like any insurance plan, it is wise to shop around before purchasing. You can get RV insurance quotes here. To learn more about recreational vehicle insurance and how to get quotes, continue reading the sections below.

Utah Recreational Vehicle Insurance Requirements

Utah recreational vehicle coverage is a required purchase for all RV owners and operators because the state’s Financial Responsibility Law mandates that all vehicle owners be able to demonstrate proof of insurance. Minimum insurance requirements are the same as those for auto insurance and include $25,000 per person for bodily injury liability, $65,000 for two or more persons for bodily injury liability and $15,000 for property damage liability. Particular RV insurance requirements may be greater than the vehicle insurance minimums and can vary depending on the recreational vehicle’s type, size, purpose and location. Residents can find recreational vehicle insurance quotes and rates through many insurance companies that offer basic and extensive policies. They should choose a provider that has experience with RV insurance policies and is reputable. Motorists can find RV coverage quotes here.

Utah Recreational Vehicle Insurance Basics and Coverage

“What is RV insurance?” and, “What does it cover?” are questions you may be asking as you prepare to insure your motorhome. UT motorhome insurance policies can offer total loss replacement, protection for the items inside the RV, vacation or campsite liability, emergency expense coverage and roadside assistance, in addition to the minimum liability requirements and the standard insurance types, such as collision and comprehensive. There are even policies to help with the cost of replacing a recreational vehicle’s windshield should it become cracked or damaged. Although many of these Utah RV insurance features are optional, they are useful if a broken-down motorhome leaves you stranded on the side of the road or if the recreational vehicle or any of its contents are stolen. To get RV insurance quotes, click here.

Costs for Utah Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Utah recreational vehicle insurance prices differ depending on your driving record, credit history, demographic information and geographic location. Other items that affect your RV insurance cost are the type, class, make and model of your vehicle, as well as its features. It is important to remember that motorhome insurance will be considerably more than your typical vehicle insurance. One of the reasons is the RV’s size. An accident involving a motorhome is likely to cause more damage, and the motorhome itself could need more repairs than a standard automobile. Another factor in UT recreational vehicle insurance cost is its amenities, such as a bathroom and a kitchen. Obviously, these features are not available in cars, and they are a large part of a motorhome’s appeal and value, making RV insurance more expensive.

The average cost of recreational vehicle insurance ranges from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. Your Utah RV insurance agent will narrow down the cost based on the above items, and he or she may also ask you questions regarding the following:

  • Your age and gender
  • Your experience driving an RV
  • The age and condition of the motorhome
  • Where you plan to travel in your recreational vehicle
  • How much you drive your RV

How to Get and Compare RV Insurance Quotes in Utah

Prior to purchasing a Utah RV insurance policy, it is wise to shop around and obtain various quotes and rates from several trustworthy insurance agents. You may want to start your motorhome insurance research with the company through which you have car insurance. However, depending on your insurance needs, you may feel more secure choosing a Utah RV insurance company that specializes in these large vehicles. Comparing motorhome insurance quotes online may save you money. Online research also allows you to read consumer reviews and even complaints.

To receive accurate recreational vehicle insurance quotes and rates, you should supply prospective RV insurance companies with as much as specific information as possible. You may have to provide your Social Security Number and vehicle identification number, and the company might check your driving record and credit history. Find RV insurance policy quotes here.

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