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Child Support in Utah

You may be asking, “What is child support in Utah?” if you are a parent in the state. The Utah courts define it as a parent’s legal duty to support his or her minor children. Utah child support involves court-ordered payments, usually from the noncustodial parent to the custodial parent. However, there may be instances when a non-parental relative is raising the child and is entitled to assistance. Child support often results from divorce, annulment, separation, parentage or child welfare. Unless a minor is emancipated through marriage, court order or military order, child support continues until the age of 18 or at the completion of high school, whichever occurs later. If the child is disabled or remains a dependent, then the court could mandate that child support continue after the age of 18. In Utah, the Office of Recovery Services (ORS) oversees child support services, which is responsible for collecting such benefits. The ORS works in cooperation with federal and state laws, rules, policies and procedures to help parents. Services include locating absent parents, determining paternity and instituting financial obligations. Child support enforcement, when necessary, is another important duty of the ORS. Engaging in a UT child support case can be challenging, so it is helpful to find a legal counselor who can help you understand the process and offer legal advice. Learn more about child support lawyers and related services from the state in the sections below.

Benefits of Having a Utah Child Support Attorney

Since Utah child support cases can ultimately be decided in court, lawyers can help parents. Going to court can be a nerve wracking experience, especially for complicated cases, such as those involving paternity establishment. Clients may feel more prepared if they have a Utah child support lawyer to guide them through the process of paperwork and court appearances.

In addition, child support attorneys can assist you if you have trouble receiving your payments or communicating with the noncustodial parent regarding the details of the terms after financial obligations have been determined. Child support lawyers also help with other legal matters that often come with such a case, including divorce proceedings, custody and visitation.

Child support lawyers’ fees vary depending on the particular attorney’s rates, the complexity of your situation and how much time it will take to resolve your case. Though hiring a child support lawyer is an added expense, it is advantageous to have legal assistance when going through court proceedings. Find child support legal services here.

How to Establish a Utah Child Support Case

ORS child support services are automatically offered to anyone collecting public assistance or Medicaid. However, UT child support services can be applied for online or by mail by any parent or relative raising children alone. The Utah ORS recommends the online method because the child support service office receives the application immediately and begins communicating with applicants about required documentation. After submitting the application, parents must provide copies of the following documents:

  • Support orders and any modifications
  • Birth certificates for each child not born in Utah
  • Paternity establishment documents, although the ORS will acquire necessary documents if paternity was established by Utah Voluntary Declaration of Paternity
  • Death certificates, if either parent is deceased

The ORS child support service also makes available a printable application. Those child support applicants who are unable to complete the online application may print, complete and sign the PDF version. Claimants must include copies of all the required documentation listed above and mail them with the application to the ORS. To best understand how to establish a child support case, residents can find legal counsel here.

Note: The ORS will obtain birth certificates for children born in Utah.

What does child support cover in Utah?

If applicants are wondering, “What does child support cover in Utah?” then they should know that after their application is processed, the ORS will arrange for payments to be made. Child support enforcement is not a burden for the custodial parent to bear. If the noncustodial parent neglects his or her financial duty, then the ORS will attempt to collect payments. In accordance with federal rules, state officials can use various methods, such as withholding income, suspending a driver’s license, intercepting federal or state income tax refunds, putting liens on property or denying a passport.

During UT child support cases, there are restrictions on how much officials can do. ORS child support services cannot guarantee it will locate absent parents or collect payments. Since officials will not get involved in related legal matters like custody or visitation, it is helpful to have a lawyer. Find child support legal services here.

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