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Parking Tickets in Utah

Utah parking tickets are traffic offenses specific to stopping or parking your vehicle, its location and the length of time it sits. Drivers can receive parking citations in Utah for a variety of reasons, such as parking closely to a fire station entrance or wrongfully parking in a disabled parking spot. Other parking violations include blocking a sidewalk, crosswalk, intersection or public or private driveway, as well as stopping on a bridge or in a highway tunnel. These are just some examples of why a parking authority might distribute a ticket and rules can vary slightly among local municipalities. Motorists may pay parking tickets through the issuing municipality, but appeals are possible. The options for paying fines differ depending on the local authority’s policies. To learn more about parking citations in Utah and how to pay the associated fines, read the information below.

Reasons for Parking Tickets in Utah

Drivers can receive parking tickets in UT for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common are illegally parking in a spot reserved for those with disabilities or wrongfully parking in a metered space. Other possible parking violations are stopping in a prohibited area or parking between a safety zone and an adjacent curb. The following is a list of situations when a parking authority might issue a citation:

  • Parking on a sidewalk, crosswalk, controlled access highway, bridge or any elevated highway structure
  • Stopping within an intersection, in a highway tunnel, on railroad tracks or in the area between roadways of a divided highway, including crossovers
  • Blocking a public or private driveway
  • Parking too closely to a fire hydrant or fire station entrance
  • Stopping alongside or opposite any street excavation or obstruction
  • Parking on the roadway side of any vehicle stopped or parked at the edge or curb of a street
  • Stopping any place where a traffic control device prohibits stopping, standing or parking
  • Parking within 30 feet upon the approach to any flashing signal, stop sign, yield sign or traffic control signal located at the side of a roadway

Furthermore, Utah officials may issue tickets for parking at the capitol hill complex in a space reserved for specific users. One of the more serious UT parking violations is using a spot marked for those with disabilities. This occurs when motorists park their cars in a space designated for those with disabilities without an appropriate license plate or rearview mirror placard or without a disabled person present in the vehicle.

Consequences for Receiving Parking Tickets in Utah

When parking authority officials issue citations, they record the license plate number. Therefore, the citation is added to the driving record associated with that registered plate. The municipality that issued the parking citation should receive the payment. Depending on the severity of the parking violation and the city, fees vary. In general, motorists who do not pay fines by the due date will see an increase in the amount owed.

Other possible consequences of parking violations are impoundment or towing, and motorists will be responsible for the resulting fees. Some Utah cities impose more severe penalties, such as vehicle immobilization and higher fines.

Paying a Parking Ticket in Utah

Unless a parking citation in Utah notes the requirement for a court appearance, motorists will likely be able to pay parking tickets in person, by mail, by phone or online. Utah cities and towns offer differing methods for paying parking tickets, so drivers should check with the issuing municipality. When paying UT parking fines, offenders will need to give their name, citation or case number and license plate number.

It is important to pay parking tickets in a timely manner because most municipalities increase fees incrementally after the due date passes. Continuing to disregard parking fines could result in the booting of your vehicle, and that can be a lengthy issue to resolve.

Contesting a Parking Ticket in Utah

The appeal process in Utah varies depending on the municipality issuing the citation. You can contest your parking tickets in Utah during a specific time frame after receiving them. A city court official will review your appeal and may or may not schedule a court date. The parking ticket appeal process could require you to provide photos, receipts or other evidence.

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