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Traffic Tickets in Utah

Motorists may receive traffic tickets in Utah for minor violations, such as speeding, following too closely or running a stop sign. These violations often result in traffic fines and in most cases simply paying the fines will resolve the issue. However, if drivers wish to dispute a traffic ticket, then they can request a court appointment. In addition, some Utah traffic citations require that offenders appear in court even if they do not plan on disputing charges. It is helpful to hire a traffic lawyer, as court proceedings can be intimidating. Motorists can find legal help here for traffic court. A lawyer can help defendants learn how to fight traffic ticket charges and assist them in the legal process. To learn more about traffic violations and how to get legal help for such cases, read the sections below.

Receiving a Traffic Ticket in Utah

Possible Utah traffic violations include speeding, running or rolling through a stop sign, not wearing a seat belt, impeding the normal flow of traffic and failing to yield. Entities that issue traffic citations are the Utah Highway Patrol, county sheriff’s offices and municipal police departments. In addition to your specific traffic violation, your citation document will include the following:

  • Your name and address
  • Your driver’s license number
  • Name and location of the court responsible for your case
  • Deadline to pay your fine or appear in court
  • How to respond to the traffic ticket

Disputing Traffic Tickets in Utah

When fighting traffic ticket charges, you must appear in court by the date noted on your citation and enter a “not guilty” plea. To help with your traffic ticket defense, it is wise to hire a
Utah traffic court lawyer. During your initial court appearance, you can negotiate with the prosecuting attorney. However, if you have a Utah traffic ticket lawyer, he or she will represent you and speak on your behalf. If both parties do not reach an agreement, then the court will set a trial date. Whether trying to understand traffic laws or preparing for court, the legal matters can be complicated and daunting. A traffic ticket attorney will provide assistance and can even petition for lighter penalties, such as reduced fines. You can find a traffic lawyer here.

How to Pay a Speeding Ticket in Utah

Some of the most common traffic citations in Utah are speeding tickets, so it is important to know how to pay speeding ticket fines. Depending on the court responsible for your case, you may be able to pay in person, by mail or by phone. Check your citation document to determine which court you should pay. In addition, you can choose the “pay speeding ticket online” option and submit an e-payment to the appropriate Utah court. No matter which method you choose to pay your speeding ticket, you will need your case or citation number.

Paying traffic tickets online is also possible, depending on the violation and the court responsible for your case. When you choose the “pay traffic ticket online” option, you can simply make your e-payment and skip court appearances.

Motorists should understand that Utah courts treat paying a traffic ticket as an admission of guilt. Therefore, if residents pay the traffic fines, they cannot later decide to fight the charges in Utah.

Fighting Traffic Tickets in Utah

While paying your traffic ticket fines is the easiest way to resolve such matters, doing so can result in points on your driving record. Traffic violations are assigned certain point values under Utah laws. When you incur points on your driving record, you could see an increase in car insurance rates. Drivers 21 or older who have 200 or more points in a period of three years may face license suspension, depending on the severity of the violations. Only 70 points are allowed for drivers younger than 21 before possible license revocation.

One reason to fight traffic ticket charges is to avoid the points and all of their consequences. Remember, to dispute traffic violations you must request a court appointment by the date noted on your citation. To receive the best outcome, consider hiring a traffic lawyer who will assist you in court. Locate Utah traffic court attorneys here.

Mandatory Utah Traffic Ticket Court Appearances

Some Utah traffic violations cannot be resolved only with a mandatory court appearance. Examples of these cases include:

  • Reckless driving
  • Causing a collision, especially if someone is injured
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Driving without a license
  • Driving without proof of insurance

Your traffic citation will indicate whether you are required to appear in court. Missing your court date could result in additional fees and penalties, such as losing your driver’s license. Having a traffic attorney is essential when you have a mandatory court appointment. You can find a traffic lawyer here.

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