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Top Job Search Tools in Utah

Finding a job in Utah can seem impossible at first. With so many options for performing a job search, it is hard to know which listings are current, which jobs you qualify for and what to expect when you submit your resume. The state of Utah has made this easier for job seekers in the state by offering several safe and easy-to-use platforms. Additionally, job search tools need not be strictly digital. If you are a recent graduate, or are still finishing up your college degree, the career and employment services center, which most universities have, can be an invaluable (and free) resource that can connect you to former alumni and current job openings in your field. Additionally, there are many jobs that are obtained simply through networking at job fairs and employment events. In Utah, many religious organizations operate their own job boards. The following is a brief list of the best job search tools for Utah job seekers.

Jobs.Utah Platform

In Utah, the state maintains a massive database which thousands of employers use each year. This is a free service to Utah residents and lists employment opportunities in 23 different career fields. This division of the Department of Workforce Services also sponsors onsite recruitment events throughout the year. Users can create an account, upload a resume and filter employment types using keywords. The system takes the information on your resume and matches it to employers’ requirements for a job that is posted.

Utah League of Cities and Towns

This job search tool is geared toward Utah government jobs. If you would like to work in government or municipal offices or fields, then this is a brilliant platform to use. The platform only requires a city and state to search, but if you would like to include a keyword, or industry specific skill, then it allows this option. Direct links to applications or HR personnel are presented through the search.

Teach Utah

Educators who are looking for a position within the state can access the Teach Utah platform. This platform is operated by the State Department of Education and overseen by the state superintendent. After registering on the site, the user can upload a resume and will be given instructions on how to apply. The system also suggests additional positions that are similar to any you find interesting.

Job Fairs and Employment Events

As a tool for finding a job, you cannot beat a face-to-face meeting with a potential employer. Having your resume and cover letter in hand while being available to ask and answer questions on the spot gives you an advantage over the digitally submitted resumes. Most job fairs and employment events are advertised through university career centers, online via job search sites and through various media outlets. Find out which companies will be in attendance, and do some homework. Understanding a little about each company that you hope to work for shows that you are seriously interested, and it gives you something intelligent to ask about the company. Make a point to ask at least three questions to potential employers. Dress professionally as you will most likely end up with several impromptu job interviews. Projecting a professional image is part of the overall package, including your resume.

Make Your Utah Resume Its Best

As a job seeker, the resume is your best and most reliable tool. However, resumes must be crafted with attention to detail these days. This is because most companies utilize software programed to find resumes with certain keywords, and if yours does not use those, even if you are more qualified than several of the candidates, your resume will never be seen. Take the time to do a search on job postings. Make a list of words that seem important, such as the specific qualifications they require, certifications that are mentioned or degrees listed. Then, work those words into your resume. Cover letters should have some of the same keywords in them, and give the highlights of your accomplishments, not a laundry list.

LinkedIn Profiles for Utah Employment

Many companies avoid the employment rush by searching through LinkedIn profiles. Human resource agents in companies routinely conduct searches, and then personally invite qualified individuals to apply for jobs. Keeping your LinkedIn profile updated, filled with industry keywords, and current content can give you an advanced edge over the competition.

University Job and Career Centers in Utah

Most universities in Utah offer career counseling services which partner qualified and talented graduating students with employers listed in their database. Additionally, many university career centers are able to maintain a list of alumni who routinely hire from the college and can steer you in the right direction. The career center can also help you to maximize the impact that your resume has, and can help you to learn basic interviewing skills. Many universities sponsor job fairs throughout the year, and in many instances, large companies looking to recruit new talent right out of the university will be in attendance. This is particularly true in the tech field.

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