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Death Certificates in Utah

Utah death records are kept private for 50 years after a death. At that time, they become part of the public death index and are available as public record. You can find a death that has been filed in the public death records in the Utah State Archives. The Office of Vital Records and Statistics is part of the Utah Department of Health and presides over vital records for the state. There, you can do a death certificate search for anyone who has died in the state since 1905. Why you might need a death certificate, how long does it take to get a death certificate, who is authorized to get one and how to get a death certificate either by mail or in person are topics all covered in the sections below. Alternatively, you can get a death record online simply by submitting a request to a reputable third-party provider like the one recommended here.

Who is authorized to get a Utah copy of death certificate records?

According to state law, to order UT death certificate copies, you must be a member of the deceased person’s immediate family, a designated legal representative or a guardian of the deceased. Furthermore, to request death certificate records, only those exhibiting a “direct, tangible and legitimate interest” are entitled to a copy of certified death records, according to Utah Code.

How to File an Application for Death Certificate in Utah

The Office of Vital Records dictates how to obtain a death certificate by mail or in person. Death records can be requested using the Utah Death Certificate Request Form. To request a death certificate search, requesting parties must provide the following information:

  • Full name of deceased
  • County, city and date of death to the closest years
  • Birth date, state or country of birth, both parents full names and their birthdates and state or country of birth
  • Spouse name, if applicable

Furthermore, to find a death in UT, the requestor must signify relationship to the deceased and indicate the purpose for which a death certificate search is desired. Address, email, phone and signature of requestor must be included and mailed along with the appropriate fee associated with obtaining a copy of death certificate documents in the form of check or money order made payable to “Vital Records.” Lastly, a photocopy of proof of identification for the requestor that matches the identity of the signature on the application for death certificate form must also be attached. It is recommended that you enlarge both the front and back of your driver’s license to avoid rejection of your request based on illegibility of proofs.

How long does it take to get a death certificate? A UT death certificate search takes up to three weeks by mail and requests are not guaranteed to be fulfilled. Avoid processing and mail time when you get a copy of your death record here through an online third-party provider and enjoy quick results.

The Office of Vital Records also explains how to get a death certificate in person. Eligible applicants wishing to request death certificate documents via a search of the UT death index in person must follow the same format as outlined above for how to get a death certificate by mail. Bring the same items to any Department of Health location or at the Office of Vital Records headquarters in Salt Lake City. The requestor must be present with proof of identification that matches the signature on the application.

Hot to Access Utah Public Death Records

You do not need to request or file an application to access public death records older than 100 years or deaths that occurred before 1905. Such death records are not guaranteed to be included in the State of Utah death index archives. However, many researchers do find death certificate documents within the public archives. If searching through an archived death index for public records sounds tiresome or locating the information required on the order form seems next to impossible, a death certificate online offered by a third-party private provider may be a better option for you. Get a copy of your death record here from a reliable source that offers fast results without the headache.

Why would I need a copy of death certificate in Utah?

There are various reasons why someone might find the need to acquire an individual’s Utah death records, but the most common need is for legal and/or financial purposes. Often the two go hand in hand, as a lawyer may ask relatives to order death certificate records to probate a will. Furthermore, when someone dies, various parts of an estate require death records for financial reasons. Some financial institutions forgive debt owed by deceased account holders. In some instances, liens are subject to loan insurance that was purchased to cover large amounts owed to a lender in the event of the borrower’s death. Life insurance policies, 401K plans without a beneficiary and even lingering debt still owed are other causes a death certificate search may be conducted.

Because death records in UT declare the cause of death, often times family members who were on one side of an adoption might wish to know for medical reasons the cause of death of an otherwise unknown biological parent or grandparent. Death records can answer those enduring questions. If you relate to any of these situations or have your own unique cause to find a death report, you can easily obtain a death record online by a third-party provider that can serve your unique needs without a great deal of questions or time constraints. Get a copy of your death record here from a trusted source operating confidentially in the private realm.

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