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Utah Divorce Certificates

Divorce records in Utah are maintained by the county courts. Applicants must file divorce documents in the county where at least one of the parties of the dissolution resides. While in general all state court records are public, records of divorce have been private since 2012 to protect the innocent when children are involved. However, a divorce certificate, order and decree is public. Due to their similar natures, marriage and divorce records in Utah can prove useful for many of the same situations. Applicants can find divorce records here. While there are other methods to obtain such documents, ordering online is the easiest. To learn more about the types of records available, how to get divorce papers and examples of why applicants might need a copy of such files, read the following sections.

Private Divorce Documents in Utah

Certain authorized parties can view a divorce document in Utah, such as lawyers and their clients. They can also copy and review records, but such files are not accessible by the public. Court orders and UT decree of divorce rulings are required to omit any identifiable information regarding minors because they are public record divorce papers. The following documents are private and not accessible to the public:

  • Petition for divorce
  • Motion for temporary orders in a child custody case
  • Request for protective order
  • Victim impact statements
  • Medical records

A public divorce record is a case older than 50 years. For more information on how to find divorce records older than 50 years, you can consult the State of Utah Archives, though many public documents are still maintained by the courts in which they were finalized. Eliminate the divorce record search by employing the services of an online divorce records provider. Get a copy of your divorce record here.

Types of Utah Divorce Records

Requesting a copy of divorce decree documents is not the same as requesting a certificate. A divorce decree copy is a file of the court statement that ceases a marriage. This state document is also often referred to as a marital dissolution. The decree of divorce in UT redefines the relationships of the parties, including property ownership, responsibilities for support, such as alimony and child support, duties, custody rights and further provisions for shared children. Furthermore, when people reference “my divorce papers,” they are typically referring to the original petition filed to terminate the marriage and not the decree that ended the marriage or the certificate even. To explain it more simply, until a judge signs the divorce decree, a marriage is not over.

A Utah divorce certificate, on the other hand, is the document issued by State Department of Health verifying that a divorce was granted by state courts and confirms the date in which it became effective. When a copy of divorce papers is required, knowing the difference between the various documents can make a divorce search easier because you will get it right the first time. However, you should know that when using records for official purposes, it may require different levels of authenticity. For example, a certified copy of divorce decree records is signed, dated and stamped by the county clerk, marking it as a true and authentic copy of an original court record. On the other hand, an exemplified copy of divorce certificate files is an authenticated replica of a certified copy. An exemplified court copy of such files is sometimes necessary in another state’s court to record a judgment or decree. An apostille copy means that divorce records are authenticated by apostille, which is required in the courts of some foreign countries. In Utah, the Lieutenant Governor provides this form of authentication by affixing the state seal onto the document. To get an apostille copy of a divorce certificate, you must file an Apostille Request Form with the office of the Lt. Governor.

How to Get a Copy of Divorce Papers in Utah

According to Utah State Archives, a divorce decree is one of the most frequently requested records. If you too need to search divorce records, then reports available for request are only those in which the divorce was finalized between 1978 and 2010. The state Department of Health Office of Vital Records can find divorce records from this time frame. However, to search divorce documents before 1978 or after 2010 and to learn how to get a copy of divorce decree papers outside of the above period, consult the district court where the dissolution was finalized. The court that handled the divorce case can provide a copy of such documents for a fee.

For all divorce records pertaining to cases finalized between 1978 and 2010, fill out the Marriage/Divorce Certificate Request Form. To file your request for a divorce search by mail, send the completed form, appropriate fees via money order or check made payable to “Vital Records” and proof of identification to the Office of Vital Records at the address indicated on the form. Alternatively, you may submit the same items in person at the Vital Records headquarters in Salt Lake City or at any Utah Department of Health location. Allow up to three weeks for processing and mail time for these services. Online divorce records are also available for a faster and more convenient application method. Get your divorce records here.

Why do I need my divorce papers in Utah?

The most common circumstance for when you may require a copy of divorce certificate documentation is when you wish to change your legal name after divorcing. Each agency or institution will need to see a copy of divorce certificates, including the DMV, the IRS, the Social Security Administration and other institutions that have your name on file. You will also need to present documentation for passport changes and possibly even for voting privileges. Another reason you may need a divorce decree copy in Utah is if you are getting remarried and need to present proof of dissolution to obtain a new marriage license. Other reasons to find divorce records include insurance policy modification, probate court hearings, income tax purposes, debt expunging and proving custody for school administration. It is a good idea to keep a copy of divorce papers on file and secure backup copies as well. If you are in need of documents in a timely manner, then you can order divorce records here.

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