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Utah Driving Records

A Utah driving record is often requested by drivers or other institutions that need driving-related information on motorists. For example, a driving record request is commonly made by an insurance company looking for information on a driver’s moving violations to adjust auto insurance rates. A CDL DMV driving record is often requested by employers seeking information on an employee’s license classifications and endorsements, as well as items that indicate whether or not the employee or potential employee is in fact a safe driver. Fortunately, Utah allows these companies to check driving record files by filling out a simple form. While drivers can check their own records, they cannot check another registrant’s documents. Motorists can request a copy of driving record reports via mail, in person or online. To learn more about the types of UT drivers record requests available and what information is included in these reports, read through the sections below.

What types of Utah driving records are available?

The main type of Utah driving record available is a personal copy. In Utah, a personal DMV record search will yield a driver’s motor vehicle report (MVR). Some drivers can access their driving records online, while others must request their history via another method. Another type of personal driving record in Utah is a CDL MVR, available for drivers who hold a CDL drivers license. Certified copies of personal driving history reports are also supplied by the Utah Driver License Division (DLD).

What information is on your Utah driver’s record?

Your driving record in Utah reveals information pertaining to your history as a state motorist for the last three or 10 years, depending on the offense. A regular UT DLD driving record includes all moving violations that resulted in a conviction and driving suspensions during the three years prior and all violations, suspensions and revocations associated with drug and alcohol convictions for the last 10 years. If you are convicted of a moving traffic violation, then the court action is automatically sent to the DLD and posted to your record. The Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers Record (referred to as a CDL MVR) contains all records of convicted moving violations, including suspensions , disqualifications, revocations and out-of-state accidents. CDL driving record files are sent to the Commercial Driver License System and revocation and suspension records are submitted to the National Driver Register. A certified copy of your driving record, whether a certified MVR or a certified CDL MVR, contains the same information described above, but these reports are certified by the state of Utah. Instructions on how to get a copy of your driving record in Utah or a certified MVR/CDL MVR are included in the last section below.

What are Utah driving record points?

A UT driver record also includes the number of points a driver has accrued in terms of traffic violations. A DMV record search reveals this part of Utah’s Driver Improvement Program. Points are applied to Utah driving records online and in print when they are convicted of a traffic violation. Drivers under 21 years of age are subject to a different point scale than drivers over 21 years of age, the latter being less rigid. Drivers under 21 years of age who accrue 70 points in three years on their MVR could possibly face a hearing and potentially lose driving privileges or receive a suspension lasting up to one year. When a DMV driving history of a driver 21 years of age or older accumulates 200 points in three years, action is taken against him or her. At that time, the driver will face a hearing during which a judge may place the driver on probation, request a defensive driver course or suspend driving privileges all together.

Utah personal driving record points do get removed eventually. If a motorist’s personal driving history exhibits one year of violation-free driving, then the DLD will drop half the points accrued. The DLD removes all points on a driving record after two years of violation-free driving. Any points applied to a DMV driving record for an individual violation are removed after three years from the date of conviction. The number of points attached to specific violations varies. Once per three years, drivers have the opportunity to decrease their MVR points by 50 if they participate in a defensive driving course offered by the DLD. Note that the course and 50-point driving history reduction is not the same as that associated with traffic school offered in some Utah traffic courts. Instead, the traffic school option expunges points for one individual violation before they are applied to records, rather than removing existing points from past convictions.

What information is not included in your Utah driving record?

A Utah drivers record serves as an account of driving and crashes for every licensed driver in Utah. Thus, when requests are granted to check driving record reports, convictions made in other state courts are not included in an MVR. A drivers record in Utah will never include arrests and charges unrelated to driving.

How to Get a Copy of Your Driving Record in Utah

If you are looking for information on how to check your driving record, then you can opt for a personal DMV record search via one of three ways: online, by mail or in person. Requests for driving records online are only available if you have previously registered an account with a credit card at a DMV office. You must purchase the DMV driving history with that same registered credit card to ensure personal identity via the billing cross match identity protection system. You may only request a copy of a driving record online for yourself and not for any other driver.

If an online personal driving record is not an option, then you may submit a request via mail or in person. To get your personal history by mail, print the appropriate form, fill it out and have it notarized. Include the minimal fee made payable to the Utah Department of Public Safety and mail to the address below:

Department of Public Safety
Driver License Division
P.O. Box 144501
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-4501

Applicants can order certified driving record copies the same way, but the fee is slightly higher and a different form is required. Note that certified copies take at least two weeks to process. Utah driving record reports are also available in person at a driver license office. Registrants can obtain a certified driving record in person at the DLD Administrative Office located at the Calvin Rampton Complex in Salt Lake City.

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