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Utah Marriage Certificates

A Utah marriage certificate is a legal document that shows two people have been legally married in the state. It is different from a marriage license in Utah, which is a legal document applicants register for prior to getting married. Marriage records are handled by the county court where the wedding took place. Therefore, applicants must conduct a marriage record search in the county where the event took place or in special cases through the Utah Health Department Office of Vital Records and Statistics. Residents can find more information on how to get marriage license records by mail or in person at a Utah Health Department location. Note that either option can take up to three weeks. For immediate processing online, get a copy of marriage records here. To learn more about the types of wedding records available and how to obtain them, read the following sections.

What is a Utah marriage license?

A marriage license in Utah is like a notice of marriage. You must file a marriage registration in the county where the union will take place, since such records are maintained by county institutions. Both parties must be present to apply. You must also file marriage license documents before you marry, but you must marry within 30 days of filing. After 30 days, a UT marriage license expires. On the other hand, there is no wait requirement after filing the document, as you can get married immediately after you file the license and pay the court fee associated with the service. The fee does include at least one certified copy of marriage certificate documents in most Utah county courts. If you have lost your Utah marriage certificate copy, then you can get a copy of your marriage record here.

To apply for a marriage license in Utah, you must have the following information:

  • Full name, address, date of birth and place of birth for both parties
  • Social Security card for both parties (if both parties have one)
  • Names and birth places of both parties’ parents, including both mothers’ maiden names
  • Valid ID with picture (e.g. passport, drivers license, state ID or birth certificate)
  • Payment to cover fee, which varies by county

How to Get a Utah Wedding Certificate

The ceremony officiant must file a Utah marriage certificate after a marriage has taken place in the state. The officiant should file the wedding license along with the certificate. The officiator should file both marriage documents in the same county and include a signature on each record. Furthermore, the marriage certificate must indicate the date of the ceremony, the location where the ceremony took place and must have the signatures of two witnesses other than the two married and the person who solemnized the union. Failure to properly file marriage certificates in UT within 30 days of the ceremony date is considered a misdemeanor. Furthermore, anyone who officiates a marriage ceremony without a properly filed or absent UT marriage license is guilty of a third-degree felony. Thus, ensuring the process is carried out properly is important to all who are involved.

How to Obtain Marriage Certificate Copies in Utah

Either party involved in the union can request a Utah marriage certificate search, as well as an immediate family member, a legal guardian or a legal representative designated by one of the above associated individuals. To order a certified copy of a marriage certificate by mail, applicants can print and fill out the Marriage/Divorce Certificate Request Form. Residents must allow up to three weeks processing time for this method. If applicants prefer to order a duplicate marriage certificate online, then they can get a copy of a marriage record here. If ordering a replacement marriage certificate by mail, then applicants will need to mail the completed form, a legible photocopy of a non-expired ID belonging to the person signing the form and fee payment as outlined by the application to the address indicated on the form. If replacing a lost marriage certificate in person, then applicants must present ID and a completed form, along with payment to the Utah Vital Records and Statistics main office or any Utah local health department locations.

How To Do a Utah Marriage Record Search

To find marriage records in Utah older than 75 years, you can search the state archives. After 75 years, marriage documents in Utah are made public. For a marriage license search for weddings that took place before 1978 or after 2010, contact the individual county clerk. For a marriage license lookup between 1978 and 2010, the Utah Department of Health Office of Vital Records and Statistics manages those records and any other specialized cases, such as annulled or void marriages. If your wedding records are less than 75 years old, then you can order a marriage certificate online. Make sure you are using a trustworthy source. To ensure UT marriage documents are delivered safely and accurately, get a copy of your marriage record here.

When is a Utah marriage certificate useful?

There are various reasons why a copy of marriage certificate documents might prove useful. Name changes on state identification are the most common use of marriage license records, but they are also often required to apply for a name change on a bank account, to apply for a loan or mortgage or for changes to insurance policies. For instance, when two residents in Utah get married, one of them often gets added to his or her spouse’s health insurance plan for coverage. The Social Security Administration (SSA) also requires a copy of a marriage certificate in order to process a name change for Social Security benefits and to issue a new Social Security card. Most residents do not realize that a name change is not complete until it is filed with the SSA. A mere driver’s license name change does not suffice as a full and legal name change. Records of a union can also prove useful to family historians and genealogists who are creating a family tree and wish to confirm certain relationships. To order records of a marriage certificate online, click here.

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