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How to Perform a Car Registration Address Change in Utah

Making an address change on car registration in Utah is an important task to carry out soon as your place of residence changes. Unless you change car registration address information, you will not receive important documents by mail. These include renewal notices when your car’s registration is about to expire. You should change your car registration address in UT when you move into the state or change homes permanently. However, temporary moves do not require an address change. Learn when you should conduct a DMV car registration address change to get started and maintain valid driver privileges.

Changing Car Registration Address in Utah Online

The quickest and most convenient way to fill out a change of address car registration application is to update your information through the state’s online portal. Utah DMV change of address registration online requires filling out a form to verify your identification and prove that you own a car registered in the state. To change your vehicle registration address online, you will need to offer the following information:

  • You must indicate whether you are changing the address for yourself or for your business.
  • You must indicate the type of vehicle ID you will use to verify your car (i.e., decal number, plate number or Workers Compensation State Assigned Number).
  • You must provide the full number corresponding to the option you chose above.
  • You must provide your last name.

You may complete the application to change your registration address online after supplying this information.

Changing your car registration address is mostly a simple process. However, many Utah motorists have had issues after calling the DMV and changing their address information, only to find that their old address is still listed when they log in online. The online portal does not automatically pull from the DMV’s most recent data. If you change your Utah car registration address by phone, then you will receive renewal notices and other important mail at your new address. The DMV office’s data is the most important place to update your address information. However, you may want to log in to your online account and update your address there as well to avoid future confusion.

Note: If you update your car registration address after paying for a registration or registration renewal, then you can contact the DMV at 801-297- 7780 to make sure you get your new registration documents at the correct address.

How to Change Car Registration Address in Utah in Person

Perform a DMV car registration address change in person by visiting a DMV office. You do not have to visit your local DMV office. You can request an address change on car registration at any office in the state of Utah. There are 29 DMV offices in the state, most of which are located near accessible major interstates. Check online or by phone for the business hours of individual offices.

How to Change the Address on Your Car Registration in Utah by Phone

Changing your Utah car registration address does not have to take place online or in person. If you have moved into a new home or have changed addresses for any reason, then you can inform the DMV by calling 801-297- 7780 or 1-800- 368-8824.

When Changing Your Utah Car Registration Address Becomes Necessary

Before learning how to change address on registration documentation, you must know why it is necessary. For example, you will need to change your UT vehicle registration address immediately if you move into a new house or change your place of residence in the state. However, there are also other circumstances in which you should update your address. If you purchase a P.O. Box, then you will need to change car registration address information to receive important information by mail. In case there is an error on the address listed on your registration, you will need to update it by one of the methods listed in the sections above.

Under Utah law, any new registration card issued on or after November 1, 2013 will not display your address. This only refers to the information displayed on your card. It does not exempt you from changing your car registration address with the DMV, since the department still needs your address on file. However, there are some exceptions to the law regarding the display of address on registration cards.

You will need to complete a DMV change of address registration even if you have moved after submitting an application for a new, renewed or duplicate registration but have not received your new registration. The DMV lists your address as the one on your application, so you must change your Utah car registration address to your new place of residence if the application with which you applied for a registration reflects your old address.

How late can you change Utah car registration address information without penalties?

Changing car registration address information is required if you move residences after applying for or obtaining registration for your vehicle. You must perform a change of address car registration application within 10 days of moving to avoid committing an infraction under state law. Likewise, you have 10 days to update your address for your drivers license. Report your new address information to the DMV to change your car registration address and report to the Driver License Division to update your license.

Penalties for Not Changing Car Registration Address in Utah on Time

You are committing an infraction by not changing your Utah car registration address under state law, which may make you subject to a fine. The greatest consequences of not changing your vehicle registration address may involve missing important documents. For example, if you renew your registration online but have not updated your address, then you will not receive your new registration and decal in the mail. Without a car registration update, you may also miss renewal notices around the time your registration is due to expire. If a police officer issues you a citation for an expired registration and your registration is more than two months expired, then you will have to pay the fine. Therefore, it is important to change car registration address details as soon as possible after a move.

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