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How to Perform a Car Registration Name Change in Utah

You should perform a Utah name change on car registration documents if you have legally changed your name since last registering your vehicle. To change name on car registration documents, applicants must appear in person at a Utah Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office to submit the application for an updated registration card that reflects their new legal name. There are many reasons why changing name on car registration documents may be necessary including after marriage or divorce. Find out how to change name on car registration in UT as well as when you need to do so, below.

How to Change Name on Car Registration in Utah

“How do I change my name on my car registration?” is a common question for anyone who has altered his or her legal name.

Under state law, any person who changes his or her name after applying for car registration must notify the DMV. If you obtain a name change car registration documents must reflect that change.

When you change name on car registration, you must also destroy your previous registration card, then apply for a new card. Once you pay the appropriate fees, the DMV will provide a new vehicle registration document that reflects your name change.

However, before you update names on Utah car registration, you should provide information on your new name to the Social Security Administration (SSA). Before approving any car registration name changes, the DMV will check with the SSA.

Changing Your Name with the Social Security Administration

To change the name on your Utah registration, first change it with the SSA. To do so, furnish the SSA with your marriage license, divorce documents, certificate of naturalization (if it displays an altered name) or any other document proving that your name has legally changed. In certain cases, the documents you provide will not be sufficient. For example, if your name was changed too long ago, your documentation may be rejected. In such cases, inquire with SSA staff about what type of documentation required.

Changing Name on Utah Car Registration in Person

You can perform a name change on car registration documents once your Social Security card is updated. To change the name on your registration, visit one of the 29 DMV offices in Utah and provide the applicable documentation.

Although the Utah DMV will search the SSA database for your new name, you will still likely have to provide legal proof that your name has been altered. You can change names on your car registration by providing one of the following documents:

  • An official marriage certificate
  • A divorce decree
  • Adoption papers
  • Citizenship papers
  • Guardianship papers
  • A court document ordering the change of name as requested

When changing name on car registration, you will need to bring one of the above documents or another acceptable form of documentation proving your legal name change. You may also follow the same process (with the Driver License Division of Utah instead of the DMV) to change your name on your driver license or identification card.

When you change name on UT registration, it is a good idea to change the name on the title at the same time. As long as your previous name is on the title, you can change your name on the document by surrendering the existing title to the department when you apply for a name change. You will also have a fill out an application form and provide payment for the title and registration copy.

Note: Once you receive your new registration, be sure to sign it in the space provided. Your signature should reflect your new name.

When to Apply For a Name Change on Utah Car Registration

You must change your name on car registration in order to keep all information displayed up to date. The following are the most common scenarios in which a name change occurs:

  • After you are married and take the name of your spouse
  • After you are divorced from your spouse and your previous name is restored
  • After you are adopted and take on a new name
  • After you become a naturalized U.S. resident and willingly alter your name
  • After you submit your desired new name to a court and have it approved

You are able to change your name to nearly anything you wish as long as you do not use the name change to commit a criminal act. If you are not getting married or divorced, you simply have to submit your proposed name change to a county court along with the reason you are changing your name and proof that you have lived in that county for at least a year. You should seek to change name on registration immediately following approval from the SSA of your legal name change.

Note that you will not be able to perform a name change on Utah car registration (or any name change at all) in the following cases:

  • You are a party in an ongoing lawsuit.
  • You are on probation or parole.
  • You are planning to commit fraud.
  • You are avoiding creditors or evading other financial responsibilities.
  • You are a sex offender or child abuse offender who has been prevented from changing your name.
  • You are changing your name to one that is egregiously outlandish, overly long, or judged as offensive

You must change the name on your car registration in UT in two other instances. Under state law, the registration of any vehicle leased out for more than 45 days must reflect the names of the owner and the lessee. Therefore, you should change name on registration records if you are the lessee and are buying the vehicle or if you are the owner and the vehicle has been returned to you.

How Soon You Should Perform a Name Change on Car Registration Documents

Change name on car registration as soon as you can. You will not want to run any risk of misunderstanding or incorrect information being displayed on your car registration in the event of a vehicular incident or a citation from an officer.

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